How to choose the right Brewhouse size for you?

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Nov. 29, 2022


The Brewhouse is the Foundation of your Brewery

Our commercial brewhouses come in multi-vessel configurations, with brew kettle, hot liquor tank and mash tun included.  We offer larger free standing 1 bbl to 30 bbl brewhouses and skid mount systems in sizes ranging from 2 bbl to 30 bbls. 

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Skid Mounted Brewhouses

All of our skid mount brewhouses offer the advantages of a fast and easy setup. They come pre-piped and, except for utility or steam connections, do not require skilled trades to get going, and typically include the following features (unless otherwise requested):

● Advanced touch-screen controls with remote-control capability

● Insulated mash tun with rakes, plow and grist hydrator (Mash tuns can be made with rakes and plow or be hand stirred).

● Insulated or non-insulated kettles

● Glass wort grant with automated pump controls

● Hard piping and platform

● Stairs with wheels for easy access under platform


Stand-Alone Brewhouses

A traditional brewing equipment offers all the functionality of a skid mount system with less stainless steel, less labor to manufacture, and less weight to truck to your brewery. If you are working with a more confined space in your brewery, a stand-alone brewhouse may work better for you. Here are some of the other advantages of a stand alone brewing system:

● Control over Configuration: Stand-alone brewhouses can be easier to fit into more spaces. If your building has odd shapes and spaces or obstructing doorway locations, it will be easier to fit a traditional brewhouse than a skid mount.

● Better for Non-Traditional Space: Stand-alone brewhouses also offer more flexibility as you grow or change your process as it is easier to add components or new steps to your brew process if you can position your tanks as needed to fit your space

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● Flexibility: Without the constraints of hard piping, it is easier to modify your liquid flows for unique or trial brewing processes.

● More Room to Grow: Stand-alone brewhouses also offer more flexibility as you grow.

● Lower Cost: A traditional stand-alone brewhouse with soft piping offers all the functionality of a skid mount system at a lower cost.

● Easy setup with our flexible piping – brewers can do it themselves.

● Insulated or non-insulated kettles.

● Platforms available.


What Size Brewhouse is Right for You?

● 1 bbl brewhouse: Our 1 bbl brewhouses for sale are excellent pilot systems for testing ingredients, processes and supplying your tasting room with variety. Test your batches before committing to a full brew length. Easy to install and low footprint is perfect for limited spaces.

● 2 bbl, 3 bbl, and 3.5 bbl brewhouses: 
Excellent for tap room, small brew pub or “proof of concept” brewery. These are the systems that launched a thousand breweries!!
A very popular way to supply pubs with limited production ~300-500 bbl/year. Custom tanks and equipment available to fit your process needs.

● 5 bbl brewhouse: 
The 5 bbl brewhouse is an excellent small to medium brew pub system! Get your brewery started with variety and flexibility in mind. Easily expandable as demand grows, this brewing system is great for the beginning entrepreneur, restaurateur and artisan. Custom tanks and equipment for sale is available to fit your demands, just let us know your needs and we can build the brewing system you’re dreaming of.

● 7 bbl brewhouse: 
An excellent system for medium brew pubs! The ultimate in capacity flexibility – brew half batch seasonals, full batch rotators and double batch flagships. Get your brewery started with variety and flexibility at your fingertips. Easily expandable as demand grows, this system will allow your craft to reach out into your community. Custom tanks and equipment available to fit your process needs.

● 10 bbl brewhouse –  15 bbl brewhouse: 
Our 10 bbl and 15 bbl brewhouse systems that are for sale are the production size brewing systems that bring your beer to market. If you plan a medium to large size brew pub or beer hall, our distribution system is for you. Here at ZYBREW, we build a vast array of custom tanks and brewing equipment available to fit your needs.

● 20 bbl brewhouse and larger: Distributing breweries that are distributing require larger systems, which are more customized than our smaller systems. Reach out to our brewery design experts for help taking your brewery to the next level.

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