How to solve the problem when the crusher makes noise when working?

Author: Liang

Mar. 13, 2024



The metal crusher operates by being driven by a motor, with the rotor hammer inside the crushing chamber rotating at high speed to crush the materials. It can process large pieces of waste metal such as color steel tiles, paint drums, and car shells into metal granules or balls. Due to the working principle of the scrap metal crusher, some noise is inevitably generated during operation. So, how can we solve the noise problem and improve sound insulation?


The first method is to construct a soundproof room. This involves using color steel tiles with a layer of rock wool as the main material, with windows left for the feeding and discharging conveyor belts. This way, the noise generated by the metal crusher during operation can be isolated by the soundproof room, achieving a noticeable reduction in noise level, and the cost is relatively moderate.


The second method is to dig a pit and install the scrap metal crusher inside it. The feeding conveyor belt operates on the ground, while the discharging conveyor belt transports the crushed materials from the pit to the ground. This method can also significantly reduce noise.


Both of these methods need to be chosen based on the actual situation of the site. It depends on whether digging a pit or constructing a soundproof room is more suitable. Additionally, when purchasing, choosing heavier steel plates can increase the inertia of the metal crusher, reducing vibrations during operation and helping to avoid noise issues.




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