Litong Group Is The Aluminium Coating Industry Leader In China

Author: Geym

Mar. 04, 2023


Litong Group is a flagship conglomerate in aluminum color coating industry. With over 20 factories distributed in Mainland China, Spain and U.A.E, we serve customers all over the world with a wide range of aluminum coil / sheet / strip / foil, ACP, aluminum ceiling, paint, and machinery such as aluminum coating lines, ACP line, etc.

Litong Machinery constitutes an integral part of Litong’s core business. Benefitting from our resourceful experience in aluminum coating industry, Litong has invested 3 machinery factories to design, manufacture and supply series of

1. Aluminum Coil Coating Line

2. Aluminum Coil Rewinding Line

3. Aluminum Coil Embossing Line

4. ACP Line

5. Aluminum Venetian Blind Production Line

6. Steel Coil Coating Line

7. Environment Protection System for Coating Lines

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A number of such lines and equipments have been exported to over a dozen nations and areas such as Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Ireland, England, Nigeria, Egypt, U.A.E, etc.


Litong Machinery has built a reputation for its reliable quality, operational excellence and commitment to satisfying services. Our aim is to develop lasting relationships with our customers by meeting their tailored specifications. “Energy-saving, Environmentally Friendly, High-quality & Low Consumption” are highlights of Litong Machinery, and as well as our eternal pursuits.


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