Machine Handles and Knobs: Everything You Need To Know

Author: Helen

Mar. 07, 2024

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Machine knobs are mainly used for their ergonomic technology and added functions to equipment such as to turn a handle or wheel. Some examples of knobs that we carry are:

Ball Knobs: Primarily used on machine tools, jigs, fixtures and control levers.

Bar Knobs: With a four pronged design a bar is inserted between the prongs for manual hand tightening, especially useful when heavy clamping is needed.

Control Knob or Clamping Knobs: A disc-shaped knob used to operate electronics or electrical-powered equipment where precise and exact position adjustments are needed. Commonly found on amplifiers, space heaters, stoves/ovens, and larger equipment.

T Handle Knobs: Shaped as a T for strong hand grips it allows the operator to make quick adjustments. They come in Male configurations with steel studs to fit into threaded applications and in female configurations that are able to easily thread onto studs.  

Wing Knobs: Ideal for applications that need repeated tightening and loosening. With good leverage they only require a thumb and forefinger to adjust.

The other types of ergonomic knobs offered are lobed knobs, push pull knobs, tapered knobs and thumb screw knobs which can all be found on our website.

Just bought a second unit, honestly, this is pure garbage. The second has the same issue with the Mute button, doesn't work, even if you carefully try to apply pressure slowly and at a specific point, it doesn't work better.
Also discovered that if you rotate the knob too quickly, it won't register properly and the volume numbers on the computer just changes uncontrollably, for instance at 24% it will go up and go back down to 24%.

The only good thing I can think of is that it's visually appealing, bright blue ring led and the agronomical shape.
However it's all meaningless if it's not functional.

3 stars to 1 star rating for me.

The unit I got is defective, upon opening the box, the knob was detached from the base. The mute fonction works 1 times out of time, the knob also has little play when turning in either direction, not that it affects the volume control, it is annoying.

By trying to solve the issue thinking it might be bad contact between the base and the knob, upon plugging it back, it is not detected anymore by the PC.

The design is perfect, it doesn't have anchor points which makes it effortless to adjust the volume, the device is very ergonomic since it doesn't have a rectangular base. The knob is also very large which makes it easier to operate. The led turns off when not in use but it is not too bright in the dark.

To my surprise, it has a detachable micro USB cable, which means you can use any cable you want and you don't fear breaking the cable. It came with a braided cable as opposed to the picture.

It's the same the quality control isn't up to par, many reviews said the mute function was flawless and one said it worked 50/50.

I may purchase another one and return this one but I'm afraid it won't be reliable long time.

Machine Handles and Knobs: Everything You Need To Know AIMOS USB Multimedia Controller and Input Device Volume Control Knob(PC, Mac) : Electronics




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