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Nov. 28, 2023


Top 10 Power Tools Manufacturers In China

The first power tool was produced in 1942 in China,and the industry supply chain was shaped in 1960s.But back to that time,more than 70% tools were electric drill.

And in the 1990s,a group of technologically mature factories have appeared in the industrial zones of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and they have begun to produce a full range of power tools and sell their own brands.

While importers considering buy from a real and reliable factory,here we picked out some real factories with good reputation.

Real Power Tools Factories and Brands they own

1.Jiangsu Dongcheng Power Tools Co., Ltd.

Est. 1995,Dongcheng is recognized as a leader in power tools in China.Dongcheng has made active efforts for the standardization and standardization of China’s power tool industry.And they are selling their own brands under Dongcheng®,DCA® and DCK®.

2.Techtronic Industries TTI

You may not heard of this brand but no matter it’s a leader of cordless tools in China.It was founded in Hongkong at 1988.And you’ll see how powerful this company is through the following picture of the brands they own.

3.Zhejiang Crown Power Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

For those importers in Mid-asia area,CROWN is the most popular brand.Since 1983, it has focused on the technical research and development, manufacturing and sales services of professional-grade tools.

4.Suzhou Yinghe Tools Co.,Ltd

The manufacturer and brand onwer of INGCO,TOTAL & EMTOP,has contributed to the development of brand concepts in China’s power tool industry

5.Yongkang Loneng Power Tools Co., LTD.

Also est. since 2005,we are one of the most professional corded power tools factory supplying for many domestic brands.Even the brands we mentioned in this article are also placing orders for our most competitive models.

And we has reached cooperation with RDD(UK) designer team,and improved a series cordless tools to make our reputation in the cordless tools field.If you are looking for some fashion,professional but cost-effective tools,we are a good choice.

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6.Positec Technology (China) Co., Ltd.

Under this company,you can find a series WORX brand hot selling cordless tools on Amazon.They are more focus on product design and innovation, and have their outstanding characteristics in e-commerce sales.

7.Zhejiang Hangbo Power Tools/Zhejiang Benyu Power Tools

These two factories are established by two brothers in 1993,they provide similar product range with a stable quality and made a name for their reputation on rotary hammers.

8.Yongkang Gaocheng Power Tools

Est. in 2007,Gaocheng is one of the most quick development factory in Yongkang,it has made a name in southeast asia market for its tough and rugged.

9.Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Luonikesi Trade Co.,Ltd.

It’s the brand owner of RONIX,base in Zhangjiagang city,established in 2005,due to the policy of free trade zone,they are also popular for importers.

There are still more good factories in China,and some of them specialized in specific models of power tools,importers shall take many facts into consideration,and we warmly welcome your message to us.

I know we all like to shit on mainland China for producing cheap crap, but this morning I was wondering what the actual quality Chinese tools are.

They must have quality brands, and maybe they are only available in country, but I think it would be neat to see if they actually do have anything.

So, anyone want to drop some wisdom on me about this?

EDIT: I am not asking about what brands are made in China, but about Chinese brands. Like for example, I am not asking what tools are made in Japan, like a Craftsman screwdriver that is just a rebranded Vessel which is made in Japan.

I literally mean, are there any quality Chinese brands of tools.

Top 10 Power Tools Manufacturers In China- ...

Quality Chinese Tools?




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