Why Choose a Laser Welding Machine over Traditional Forms?

Author: venusgeng

Dec. 07, 2022


Conventional welding methods

The TIG and MIG processes use a shielding gas to create an inert atmosphere around the weld head. With TIG, the arc is generated by a tungsten electrode and a hand-held filler material is used, while with MIG welding the electrode is a filler wire. These welders can be adjusted to allow precision parts to be welded and the final weld quality is high. Another common method is spot welding, which works by sandwiching the part between a pair of electrodes and energising it. All arc and spot welding processes transfer a large amount of heat to the workpiece, which affects the metallographic structure around the weld.


Laser welding

The heat required for welding is provided by a tightly focused beam of light as small as two thousandths of an inch in diameter. Welding is carried out by firing a series of short pulses to melt the metal to form a high quality weld. Depending on the specific welding task, the same filler material as for TIG welding may be required. Due to the highly focused laser beam, heat input is minimised and the part can be processed almost immediately.

Advantages of laser welding.

Heated area — the heated area of the weld does not spread to the rest of the material and, due to the rapid cooling, the material can be handled almost immediately after the job is completed.

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